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Found 14 results

  1. Muy importante: Descargar los juegos del enlace de más abajo (Los cuales están adaptados a los núcleos de RetroArch), los que tienen instalados en el PC no son 100% compatibles. El video tutorial se realizó con la versión 1.6.7 de RetroArch y con el control clásico de Wii. Descargar RetroArch desde la página oficial: [Hidden Content] Juegos adaptados y funcionando al 100% (MAME, CPS1, CPS2, NEO-GEO, y otros) en el siguiente enlace: [Hidden Content]
  2. SeVeNaD


    I love that we have so many complete ROM packs for virtually every system, and I already have those.. but I can not find packs of hacked/remix roms for NES and SNES! Anybody have some bundles to spare? Thank you!
  3. This is a tutorial on how to add games to the snes app take note that not all roms are compatible with the app (mostly enix games and roms with more than 6mb) of course you need a CFW with layerdfs (atmosphere, sosx, etc) use this pack as the base LINK:[Hidden Content] (1.7.8 pack based on conex pack) the original has key that makes the importing impossible the pack its patch also you need tush:[Hidden Content] (to remove the header if your rom has one) Switch Toolbox:[Hidden Content] (to edit the cover and details image) (files and folders for points 1-8 are found in the folder 01008D300C50C000\romfs\titles) 1.grab the file 2016_e.sfrom (its mario kart) put it on a hex editor and copy everything from offset 80000-80015 (at the buttom) this is the footer 2.grab your rom put it on a hex editor and add the prevously copied footer to the buttom of the rom 3.name your rom as XXXX_e.sfrom and put it on a folder named S-XXXX_e 4.copy 2016_e.sfromsig and rename it XXXX_e.sfromsig 5.copy the files S-2016_e.xtx.z (cover) and S-2016_e-details.xtx.z (details image) rename the to S-XXXX_e.xtx.z and S-XXXX_e-details.xtx.z 6.open the 2 prevously rename files and open them on switchtoolbox replace the textures for the new cover and new details image respectively 7. open lclassics.titlesdb with notepad++ and add an entry like this "S-XXXX_e": { "code": "S-XXXX_e", "rom": "/titles/S-XXXX_e/XXXX_e.sfrom", "sort_title": "title lowercase only", "details_screen": "/titles/S-XXXX_e/S-XXXX_e-details.xtx.z", "copyright": "copyright of the game", "title": "Title", "armet_threshold": 0, "lcla6_release_date": "2019-09-01", "armet_version": "off", "sort_publisher": "publisher", "title_zhHant": "ー", "save_count": 1, "volume": 88, "title_zhHans": "ー", "publisher": "publisher", "title_ko": "ー", "rewind_interval": 1.5, "release_date": "date of release YYYY-MM-DD", "players_count": 1, the number of player supported "cover": "/titles/S-XXXX_e/S-XXXX_e.xtx.z", "simultaneous": false, true if theres multiplayer "autoplay": [] }, 8. save the lclassics.titlesdb 9. go to \01008D300C50C000\romfs\bootapp\resources\strings\en and open the strings.lng with notepad ++ 10. add an entry like this "META_TITLE_COMMENT_S_XXXX_e": "Description", 11. save the strings.lng and you are done. ask me anything if you dont understand something, i am here to help only the patch without the added roms [Hidden Content] (still can someone help me checking if this works,it would be appreciated) Theres a tool to convert sfc and smc files to sfrom files this tool only work for the snes mini and not the snes online. also remember that you should be able to change the sfrom files to sfc files and open them on your favorite emulator (even works with nintendo's roms), if it doesnt work probably something is wrong.
  4. This is the latest version of Snes9x GX with added MSU-1 support. I plan on adding an easy to follow guide explaining how to patch MSU-1 to your games but for now I will upload prepatched games for your convenience. These games are a lot bigger than the original games so it's highly recommended you have a lot of space or only planning on getting one or two of these games because they add up quickly. -eatyerface So what exactly is MSU-1? The MSU-1 expansion chip for the SNES was developed by byuu and is included in the SD2SNES flash cart and supported by some emulators. The MSU-1 adds some amazing features to the SNES by allowing for up to 4GB of data storage (would have been impossible back in the 90s) which can be streamed to the SNES during play. This allows for FMV (Full Motion Video), like you’ve probably seen in Dragon’s Lair, as well as CD-quality audio, like the TurboGrafx-CD and Sega CD had at the time. This roundup will focus on the latter as a collection of MSU-1 CD Audio enhanced games. Essentially this brings new ways to enjoy the old classics in that "what if" scenario where Sony and Nintendo remained good friends and actually released the SNES Playstation. EMULATOR: [Hidden Content] Please click LIKE to reveal the links. Enjoy!
  5. This collects all my previous inject/vc posts and adds a ton of new stuff, figured it's better to have everything all in one spot and to try and organise it all a bit better. Pretty much everything has a meta folder, with icons and a background, it's nothing flashy... but, it's presentable. Have fun! (and if anybody can get hold of these or has them, lemme know!) (Part two, which is focused on GBC is here.) I am no-longer taking requests or adding to this list. [hide][Hidden Content]] DS Focused on 'hidden gem' titles, things that have received fan-translations and of course, RPGs. If you can't find something here, heading over to Yamaoka's NDS thread is a good idea. [hide][Hidden Content]] 7th Dragon (English Translation) 9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors A Witch's Tale Advance Wars - Dark Conflict Advance Wars - Dual Strike Age of Empires - Mythologies Atelier Annie - Alchemist of Sera Island Bangai-O Spirits Big Bang Mini Blood Of Bahamut (English Translation) Contra 4 Culdcept DS (English Translation) Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry Etrian Odyssey Etrian Odyssey II - Heroes of Lagaard Etrian Odyssey III -The Drowned City Fire Emblem - Shadow Dragon Front Mission Gunpey DS Hajime no Ippo the Fighting (English Translation) Henry Hatsworth Hero's Saga Laevatein Tactics Hotel Dusk - Room 215 Inazuma Eleven Infinite Space InuYasha - Secret of the Divine Jewel Ivy The Kiwi Izuna - Legend of the Unemployed Ninja Izuna 2 -The Unemployed Ninja Returns Jump Ultimate Stars (English Translation) Knights in the Nightmare Last Window (DO NOT CHANGE THE CONFIG JSON unless you know what you are doing. ZR or HOME button simulates 'close ds' which is needed for a puzzle) Legacy of Ys - Books I & II Luminous Arc Meteos Metroid Prime: Hunters My World, My Way Nanostray Nanostray 2 Nostalgia Panzer Tactics DS Phantasy Star 0 Populous DS Puchi Puchi Virus Puyo Puyo 7 (English Translation) Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary (English Translation) Puzzle Quest - Challenge of the Warlords Ragnarok Retro Game Challenge Retro Game Challenge 2 (English Translation) Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure Rondo of Swords Rune Factory Rune Factory II Rune Factory III SaGa 2 - Goddess Of Destiny (English Translation) SaGa 3 - Shadow or Light (English Translation) Sands of Destruction Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution SNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighters DS Sonic & The Dark Brotherhood Shiren the Wanderer Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Super Robot Taisen: OG Saga Space Invaders Extreme Space Invaders Extreme 2 Suikoden - Tierkreis Summon Night - Twin Age The Dark Spire Theresia, Dear Emile Tokyo Beat Down Ys Strategy Xenosaga I + II (Japanese Only - No English Patch) Zoo Keeper There are config json's located in the folder that enable a full-screen effect, quick guide... In 'game folder/content/0010/' replace 'configuration_cafe.json' with the file of the same name located in the 'fullscreen.zip' that can be grabbed from the same folder you get the games from. In the virtual console menu change the screen layout to large screen display. This will make playing some of these games a ton easier. To switch screens (top is bottom), just use the other zip folder. N64. [hide][Hidden Content]] Bomberman 64 Mario Kart 64 Mega Man 64 Mischief Makers Ogre Battle 64 Paper Mario Perfect Dark Sin & Punishment The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Snes As I tend to play all my Virtual Console on the gamepad, all of these injects are in a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you aren't a fan of that, you should head over to Walo's Snes Injects thread... there is some crossover and he keeps the original settings. [hide][Hidden Content]] Axelay Ball Bullet Gun (English Translation) Battletoads Breath Of Fire Breath Of Fire 2 Brandish 2 - The Planet Buster (English Translation) Castlevania Dracula X Clock Tower Chrono Trigger Chaos Seed (English Translation) Dark Half (English Translation) Der Langrisser (English Translation) Dragon Quest V (English Translation) Doremi Fantasy Dragon Squadron - Danzarb (English Translation) Earthbound Earth Defence Force Emerald Dragon (English Translation) Equinox Feda: Emblem Of Justice Fire Emblem 3 (English Translation) Fire Emblem 4 (English Translation) Fire Emblem 5 (English Translation) Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VI Front Mission F-Zero Hiouden - Legend of the Scarlet King (English Translation) Jelly Boy 2 (English Translation) King of Demons (English Translation) Live A Live (English Translation) Magical Pop'n (English Translation) Mahou Poipoi Poitto! (English Translation) Metal Max Returns (English Translation) Miracle Girls (English Translation) Nekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes (English Translation) Ogre Battle Pilotwings Plok Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story (English Translation) Record of Lodoss War (English Translation) Slayers (English Translation) Space Megaforce Spriggan Powered Skyblazer Seiken Densetsu 3 (English Translation) Super Mario RPG Super Mario World + All Stars Super Mario World The Second Reality Project: Reloaded Super Metroid Super Gussun Oyoyo 2 (English Translation) Super Robot Wars 3 (English Translation) Super Shell Monster Story (English Translation) Tenchi Muyou! - Game Hen (English Translation) Tactics Ogre (English Translation) The Firemen The Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past GBA Using save states is heavily advised, better safe than sorry. A whole bunch more can be found over in this thread. [hide][Hidden Content]] Castlevania Double Pack Final Fantasy V (Sound Restoration) Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Grand Theft Auto Gensou Suikoden Golden Sun Love Hina (English Translation) Lufia - The Ruins Of Lure Lunar Advance Mario Kart - Super Circuit Megaman & Bass Megaman Zero 2 Mother 1+2 (English Translation) Mother 3 (English Translation) Napoleon (English Translation) Oriental Blue (English Translation) Phantasy Star Collection Rayman Collection Rhythm Tengoku Riviera - The Promised Land Shining Force - Resurrection Of The Dark Dragon Shining Soul Shining Soul II Summon Night - Swordcraft Story I Summon Night - Swordcraft Story II Super Robot Taisen (English Translation) Tactics Ogre - The Knights Of Lodis Tales Of Phantasia Super Mario Advance Zelda: Minish Cap Zone Of Enders - The Fist Of Mars GBA - Nes Emulator In some cases... this offers better performance than the VC Nes . You use the L&R buttons to change the emulator settings once you've selected a game. Go into 'display' if you want to take the flicker effect off. [hide][Hidden Content]] Akumajou Dracula Akumajou Special - Boku Dracula Battletoads Battletoads & Double Dragon Bomberman Bomberman 2 Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble 2 Contra Contra Force Double Dragon Double Dragon 3 Elevator Action Galaga Gauntlet Gauntlet 2 Ghosts & Goblins Gryzor Kid Icarus Legendary Wings Life Force Metroid Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden 2 Ninja Gaiden 3 Ms Pacman Pac Man Pac Mania Rampage Shinobi Star Wars Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back Strider Super C Superman Tale Spin Tetris Tetris 2 GBA - Master System/Game Gear Emulator The only way to play some Sega consoles on the Wii U right now (other than vWii). It works pretty well for the most part, you can change some of the settings using the 'L' & 'R' buttons on your gamepad once you've selected a game from the menu.[hide][Hidden Content]] Aladdin Alex Kidd - BMX Trial Alex Kidd In High Tech World Alex Kidd in Miracle World Alex Kidd in Shinobi World Alien 3 Batman Returns Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Chuck Rock Chuck Rock II Earthworm Jim Ecco The Dolphin: Tides Of Time Fantasy Zone Fantasy Zone II Galaxy Force Jungle Book Judge Dredd James Pond 2- Codename Robocod Lunar Legend Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Lion King Magical Puzzle Popils MegaMan Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Micro Machines New Zealand Story OutRun Prince Of Persia R-Type Shadow Dancer Shinobi Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog II Sonic Chaos Sonic Spinball Wonderboy in Monster Land Wonderboy in Monster World Nes - 16:9 The NES VC is pretty horrible, there was a ton of stuff I could never get to work.... I really hope that somebody brings an emulator to the Wii U homebrew scene soon. There is a chance a few of the games will have an odd gfx glitch every now and then, sorry. =/ [hide][Hidden Content]] Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgus (English Translation) Balloon Fight Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Clash at Demonhead Cosmo Police Galivan (English Translation) Deja Vu Donkey Kong Duck Tales Duck Tales II Fire Emblem Gaiden (English Translation) Golgo 13 - The Mafat Conspiracy Golgo 13 - Top Secret Episode Gremlins 2 Journey to Silius Kart Fighter Kickle Cubicle Kirby's Adventure Kiwi Kraze Macross Magic of Scheherazade Mega Man Metal Gear Mighty Final Fight Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom Punch-Out!! Smash TV Street Fighter 2010 - The Final Fight Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario Bros 3 Takeshi's Challenge (English Translation) The Guardian Legend The Legend Of Zelda Willow Yo Noid Yoshi.
  6. Now play Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, GBA, Sega Genesis Roms on your SNES Classic system. New verison of Hackchi complete with Retro Arch. [Hidden Content] Enjoy Fallow Tutorial:
  7. DarkStar84

    Hyper Street Kart [MEGA]

    Here is the new Street Fighter Rom Hack Hyper Street Kart. Game is already prepared to play. Just load into any Super Nintendo Emulator & Enjoy! MEGA Download [Hidden Content]
  8. Looking for this game, released today:
  9. A collection of Snes RPGs which I've applied an aspect ratio 'fix' to (read here to find out more!), some of the games listed are from Walo's 'Snes Virtual Console Injects' post, handy if you want the games in their original aspect ratio. All games are in English and are working in Loadiine. This looks pretty good on the gamepad, however, you might find it a bit terrible on a huge television.. Breath Of Fire (U) Breath Of Fire 2 (U) Chrono Trigger (U) Der Langrisser (J) (English Translated) Dragon Quest V (J) (English Translated) Earthbound (U) Fire Emblem 4 (J) (English Translated) Fire Emblem 5 (J) (English Translated) Final Fantasy IV (J) (English Translated) Final Fantasy V (English Translated) Final Fantasy VI aka Final Fantasy III (U) (English) Front Mission Live A LIve (J) (English Translated) Ogre Battle (U) Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story (J) (English Translated) Seiken Densetsu 3 (J) (English Translated) Tactics Ogre (J) (English Translate) The Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past (U) The Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past (E) (Francais) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. I found this and patched it with the correct rom. Works perfect on SNES 9x. Originally the hack was unsolvable due to major bugs, however, Puzzledude has cleaned it up and completed the hack July 13 2011. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. N8master

    [REQUEST] N64 and SNES Zelda Injection

    Hi there, is anybody here capable of injecting N64 and SNES games? All I want is to play again through all Zelda games on my Wii U gamepad so I'd love to have the PAL games injected instead of the US games which are floating around. Here are the rom download links: EXTERNAL ROM LINKS DELETED
  12. irrelevant_pelican

    [Wii] Mario Kart Wii with ALL SNES levels

    It would be SO awesome if there could be a custom Mario Kart Wii with all the SNES levels, including the battle mode levels. I'm a huge Mario Kart fan and my brother and I still play the SNES version to this day! It'd be great to have it in 3D and HD on Dolphin.
  13. 14 years since the last game released for the system, the Super Nintendo will be getting one more game, a re-release of the old run and gun Nightmare Busters. The developers, Super Fighter Team, say they are proud to offer up what ‘may one day be the world’s only source of worthwhile new games for systems such as the Sega Genesis’. As much as I admire their enthusiasm for older systems, their audiences are so limited. Not just because of the choice of console, not just because the pre-order price is $60+shipping, but because the pre-order limits are currently set at 600 copies. If they decide to rerelease more games, or even release new games, for many older systems, then perhaps it will become something of a cultured novelty among gamers. I’d love for another reason to fire up the old Nintendo 64 or Gameboy Color. What do you think of this bizarre decision? Do you guys have a SNES you’re willing to dig up to play this ‘masterful fun and gun game?’ EDIT - The original print run was doubled to 600 units and sold out in just under 3 weeks! The team has mentioned that their are no current plans for a second release, but it remains a possibility.
  14. Source:nintendolife Despite it's beastly size, I think this would fare well. Obviously aimed at the hardcore retro gamer who still has or collects snes carts, I could be tempted! What do you guys think of it?