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Found 723 results

  1. Resident Evil 4 NSP Lenguages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, English Size: 12982,42 MB Google Drive: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] RE-UPLOADED (22/05/19 - 10:35 CEST) QUOTA LIMIT RESTARTED TESTED ON MY SWITCH CFW 7.0.1 (AMS 0.8.9) Installed with Goldleaf 0.5 via USB
  2. Dead Cells [EUR][0100646009FBE000] [NSP] Dead Cells [EUR][0100646009FBE000] [XCI] Dead Cells [0100646009FBE800][v1.2.0][v327680] [Hidden Content]
  3. Tennis World Tour [0100092006814000] [XCI] [Hidden Content] Tennis World Tour [0100092006814000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Tennis World Tour - DLCs [Hidden Content] Tennis World Tour[0100092006814800][v1.15.0][v393216] OneDrive [Hidden Content]
  4. NSP Collection All links have been reviewed and are working. I accept request. Please leave a comment to keep the topic on the top. Found a broken or wrong link? please let me know. Press CTRL+F to search for specific game Last Added: [Hidden Content] Games NSP # [Hidden Content] Letter A [Hidden Content] Letter B [Hidden Content] Letter C [Hidden Content] Letter D [Hidden Content] Letter E [Hidden Content] Letter F [Hidden Content] Letter G [Hidden Content] Letter H [Hidden Content] Letter I [Hidden Content] Letter J [Hidden Content] Letter K [Hidden Content] Letter L [Hidden Content] Letter M [Hidden Content] Letter N [Hidden Content] Letter O [Hidden Content] Letter P [Hidden Content] Letter Q [Hidden Content] Letter R [Hidden Content] Letter S [Hidden Content] Letter T [Hidden Content] Letter U [Hidden Content] Letter V [Hidden Content] Letter W [Hidden Content] Letter X [Hidden Content] Letter Y [Hidden Content] Letter Z [Hidden Content] Games in xci that do not dumped in NSP [Hidden Content]
  5. Click here or "Like" button bottom right corner to see DOWNLOAD links. Click here , then click on the left, for new game updates. NSP and XCI files may be inside compressed .RAR or .7z files. Use 7zip or Winrar to extract them. Always pick .rar file (not .Rxx) to extract if you use 7zip. How to download OR Select "Add to My Drive" Go to your Google Drive -> Right Click -> Make a copy. Right Click on new file -> Download ---------- USE keyboard CTRL+F in your browser to find a game easier ---------- Recent / New [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Hidden Content]
  6. AngelDu

    Switch Fuse

    I have an switch with sx os, I usualy go in and out of the os software to play my original games, but today I saw something about fuses and as I could undestand every time I do this I'm burning fuses. I would like any clarification on this topic, if this is true or not, and what actually burn fuses.
  7. Fight Club Featuring Round 45 degree canted animated icons, Custom headers with hand made icons,Animated All Apps Menu, And custom Lock Button. Install the szs supplied with this theme in "Themes/Systemdata" then install the nx theme... Enjoy NSX See install details below HOW TO INSTALL ANIMATED THEMES YOU WILL NEED NX THEME INSTALLER (MOST CURRENT VERSION 1.30) can be downloaded from the HBstore or found here [hide][Hidden Content]] 1. download and install Nx theme installer 2. download the theme zip file 3. replace your szs files with the supplied szs in my theme, Place them in the themes>system data folder created by nx theme installer. 4. Install the Nx theme with the installer 5. Enjoy All my work is tested and created on 6x and 7x firmware Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild [FREE/EUR] [NSP] [XCI]. DL MULTI & Torrent. Hello everyone! I'm coming to share with you some reliable links for the game "The Legend of Zelda "Breath of the Wild" for Switch [MULTI DL] [NSP] + [UPDATE] & [DLC] [hide][Hidden Content]] [Super-XCI] + [UPDATE] & [DLC] INCLUDED [hide][Hidden Content]] Torrent [NSP] [XCI] [hide][Hidden Content]] Extract ENJOY! To thank me, click on "Thanks" button (bottom right).
  9. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle [XCI] BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle [NSP] BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Character Blake Belladonna BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Character Yang Xiao Long BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Character Hakumen, Naoto Shirogane, and Vatista BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Character Izayoi, Mitsuru Kirijo, and Merkava BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Character Jabei, Aegis, and Carmine BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Character Mai Natsume, Akihiko Sanada, and Yuzuriha BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Character Phantom, Labrys, and Mika BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Character Platinum, Kanji Tatsumi, and Orie Ballardiae BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Color Set 1 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Color Set 2 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Additional Color Set 3 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC - Naoto Kurogane, Teddie, Seth, Heart Aino (new 2019-05-22) BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle - DLC Unlocker (2019-05) BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Update v1.5.0 (v458752) (2019-05) DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  10. Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu [XCI] OneDrive [Hidden Content] Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu [NSP] OneDrive [Hidden Content] Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Update v1.0.1 OneDrive [Hidden Content] Pokemon Lets Go Eevee [XCI] OneDrive [Hidden Content] Pokemon Lets Go Eevee [NSP] OneDrive [Hidden Content] Pokemon Lets Go Eevee Update v1.0.1 OneDrive [Hidden Content]
  11. FluitGeluid

    Minimalistic Theme

    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Minimalistic Theme tested on 6.0 - 7.0.1 on every custom firmware. This theme is designed for versions 6.0 and up, I haven't tested it on 5.0 - 5.1 and I don't think it will work but feel free to give it a shot! Theme Features: - Added background to lock, main, user and settings screen. - Redesigned layout on lock screen and main screen. - Removed text which would appear when a game or option was selected on the main screen. - Changed the album icon to a rocket homebrew icon and changed that icons color to white to match other icons. - Made some icons transparent. - Removed the news and shop icon. Installation: Atmosphere: place folders in /atmosphere/titles ReiNX: place folders in /ReiNX/titles SX OS: place folders in /sxos/titles/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Screenshots: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Download links: MEGA: [Hidden Content] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. FINAL FANTASY VII [NSP] OneDrive (2019-03-26) Can bypass with SX Installer, Tinfoil, or Goldleaf). Tested on 6.2. Title ID : 0100A5B00BDC6000 [Hidden Content] Final Fantasy VII [XCI] Title ID : 0100A5B00BDC6000 [Hidden Content] Languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese FINAL FANTASY VII [0100A5B00BDC6800][v1.0.1][v65536] OneDrive [Hidden Content]
  13. jbgbeats45

    John Wick (8x Animated Theme)

    John Wick 8x Compatible By NSX DOWNLOAD [hide][Hidden Content]] More Previews
  14. jbgbeats45

    Hal AnimNx (8x Animated Theme)

    Hal AnimNx 8X Only By NSX Full Preivew [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD [hide][Hidden Content]] More Previews
  15. NSP + UPDATE (TORRENT) LINK: [Hidden Content]
  16. NSP (TORRENT) LINK: [Hidden Content]
  17. NSP (TORRENT) LINK: [Hidden Content]
  18. NSP + UPDATE (TORRENT) LINK: [Hidden Content]
  19. NSP + UPDATE (TORRENT) LINK: [Hidden Content]
  20. NSP + UPDATE (TORRENT) LINK: [Hidden Content]
  21. NSP (TORRENT) LINK: [Hidden Content]
  22. Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese No. of Players: up to 8 players Category: Action Publisher: Marvelous (XSEED) Developer: Marvelous Inc. Fate/EXTELLA LINK [NSP] [Hidden Content] Fate/EXTELLA LINK Update v131072 [Hidden Content] Fate/EXTELLA LINK DLCs [Hidden Content]
  23. TurboSnail

    Stardew Valley [JPN]

    Stardew Valley [JPN][0100DD400C468000] [XCI] Languauges: en,de,es,pt,ru,ja,zh [Hidden Content]
  24. Useful Tip For MEGA: if you dont have a static ip, "you get a different ip each time you restart your router" then once you reach the daily limit restart your router, refresh the MEGA download page and resume your download [Hidden Content]
  25. NSP (TORRENT) LINK: [Hidden Content]