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Found 8 results

  1. antoniohbarros

    [REQUEST] Halo ODST/ONI theme

    Any halo fans willing to make a nice ODST style theme? My suggestion would be to use images such as the ones attached if somebody ends up doing this you're a godamn hero to me.
  2. jbgbeats45

    HEAT (Animated Theme 6x-7x)

    HEAT By NSX This has always been one of my favorite films so now here's the theme. Featuring slide in homescreen, diamond shaped 45 degree canted icons, pop up flip animation, spinning buttons, and custom headers See Install details below Enjoy... NSX Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. jbgbeats45

    Sekiro (Animated Theme 7x)

    Sekiro by NSX Featuring animated home screen icons, lock screen, and custom ui headers Enjoy... see install details below Video Preview [Hidden Content] HOW TO INSTALL ANIMATED THEMES YOU WILL NEED NX THEME INSTALLER (MOST CURRENT VERSION 1.30) can be downloaded from the HBstore or found here [hide][Hidden Content]] 1. download and install Nx theme installer 2. download the theme zip file 3. replace your szs files with the supplied szs in my theme, Place them in the themes>system data folder created by nx theme installer. 4. Install the Nx theme with the installer 5. Enjoy All my work is tested and created on 6x and 7x firmware DOWNLOAD [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Revolver by NSX One of a kind round layout with beautiful expanding game icons Tested on 6x Remember to update your system data files with the supplied szs, Apply the nx theme and enjoy [Hidden Content] Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Metal Gear Solid Kept you waiting huh? by NSX Tested on 6x Replace your system data with the supplied szs files install the nx theme and enjoy Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. jbgbeats45

    Cowboy Bebop (Nx Theme)

    Space Cowboy Theme By NSX Tested on 6x Regarding animations This theme is the static version. Animations are still in beta and require much more testing. No official ETA See You Space Cowboy [hide][Hidden Content]] Concerning this theme and all other graphic work... Please be aware if you contact someone asking for custom design work expecting to settle on a price or "donation" do not expect said "price" to be 1$. Graphic design, layout design, UI replacement, etc... take a long time especially trying to meet the criteria of a persons expectations. We all are very accustom to not paying for anything switch related, But this is not that... I understand "apps" range in the 99c to a few dollar range but they are not made to your specifications, They are one size fits all so to speak. Please understand a project like the one mentioned above took almost 3 weeks to complete. Graphic design of this nature is not a drag and drop operation it involves constant communication between the designer and individual making the request. That being said please feel free to contact me for any type of graphic design work but do not expect custom work of this kind for free.
  7. Nintendont Themes and Custom Mods These themes were made by Abz.. Other things were made by other people.. Special thanks to JoostinOnline for updating Nintendont to let this happen.. NEW - Hot: Added 16 Gradient Themes for Nintendont App NEW: Added disable HDD pinging by enabling OSREPORT, default timer set to 2 mins NEW: Added Segaboot bios download for Triforce games Major update! Nintendont Master Mod can download these themes: 16 Nintendont App Light Themes: 16 Nintendont Gradient Themes: 16 Loader Themes with Progress Bars: Here's my Dark Umbra Nintendont Theme: Since many new themes get added periodically, you can get the removed themes here: If you want a pack of themes, please get them here: It also has an online internal updater.. For first time users or to manually install the latest mod download it from here: Source Patch: To manually update the backgrounds or to use your custom ones: Recommended USB Loaders: WiiFlow 1076 Mod: USB Loader GX 1234 DS3-WUP Default-GUI Mod: USB Loader GX 1234 DS3-WUP Tabs-GUI Mod: USB Loader GX 1243: CFG USB Loader rev 71 Taiwan: CFG USB Loader rev 70/78: CFG USB Loader Mod rev 70.78.8 by Nitraiolo: Other Stuff: And the source code: Special thanks to send0r for keeping this updated to the latest Nintendont version.
  8. Wood R4 for R4i Gold 3DS v1.64 This was made by Yellow Wood Goblin.. Game Description: Download Here: [hide][Hidden Content]]