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Found 1 result

  1. Top PS Vita Games Collection | Vitamin 2.0 | Working | 744+ Games | 2016 UPDATES! Note: Would you like to be aware of the best videogames deals (Preorders, Bundles, Skins, DLC, Prepaids, Guides)? --> Check it now! <-- Would you like to earn some money with videogames? --> Join Now! <-- GUIDE --> How to make money <-- If you have any questions contact me. NOTE: If you have a Wii U or a 3DS you can view my posts here. Thank you for your support [VITAMIN OFFICIAL RELEASE] --> External Link [VitaShell] --> External Link [VPK Manager] --> External Link [FTP PSVita VPK Installer (Buggy)] --> External Link [MaiDumpTool V233.1 ENG] --> External Link [Qcma App] --> External Link [PSTV AntiBlacklist] --> External Link [Chinese Magic (For C2-128 Error)] --> External Link [Chinese Magic (Miku F2)] --> External Link How to install the UPDATES 1. Install game vpk 2. Copy update zip contents to the game folder 3. Make a GameTitleIDfolder in ux0:Patch/ folder in vitashell (ex: ux0:Patch/PCSE00000) 4. Copy the update zip contents to the new folder you just created in ux0:Patch/ 5. Start the game, now it should not say to update your game and should detect the latest version. How to install the DLC Copy the ADDCONT_PLAIN folder into root of ux0 for each item you want! e.g ux0:/addcont_plain/PCSE00000/* How to make .vpk for mai_moe dumps (This only applies to files that don't come in a VPK format) 1. Rename eboot_original.bin to eboot.bin on mai_moe folder 2. Move renamed eboot.bin and replace 3. Delete mai_moe folder 4. Repack files in a zip folder and rename the zip to .vpk 5. Repack eboot.bin and sce_sys to .zip and make .vpk (Try this if installing full game from .vpk doesn't work) 6. Install .vpk 7. If you chose step 5, extract the other files to ux0:/app/[TitleID] How to use Chinese Magic (For C2-128 Error) 1. Choose from any of the 6 game sce_modules 2. Copy sce_module 3. Go to FTP and paste to ux0:/app/[TitleID] If you have problems with games or error code C2-12828-1 or similar 1. Use vitaorganizer-0.4.jar to install this games on Vita. How to Speed FTP? (google.com) 2. If vitaorganizer-0.4.jar have error, then you must install game on Vita using VitaShell! Skeleton .vpk guide --> External Link When games come out that demand a higher version than 3.60 --> External Link 0XFFFFFF means low storage or that the dump was not done properly. For .mp4 games you have to change the extension to .vpk .mp4 extension is for fast transfer using the Qcma App. Latest Updates 03/01/2017 ADDED: Ratchet and Clank: Trilogy [EUR] Super Meat Boy! [EUR] Corpse Party: Blood Drive [KO] [VT 2.0] Dead or Alive 5 Plus [JPN] [VT 2.0] Deception IV: Blood Ties [EUR] [VT 2.0] Hustle Kings [EUR] [VT 2.0] King Oddball [EUR] [VT 2.0] Lost Dimension [EUR] [VT 2.0] Metal Gear Solid 3 [EUR] [VT 2.0] MUD: FIM Motocross World Championship [EUR] [VT 2.0] Muramasa Rebirth + DLC [USA] [VT 2.0] Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus [JPN] (ENG Sub) [VT 2.0] One Piece: Burning Blood (Gold Edition) [USA] - Update v1.06 Update v1.07 - DLC [VT 2.0] Paint Park [EUR] [VT 2.0] Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds + Kurisu DLC [USA] DLC [VT 2.0] Rayman Legends [EUR] - Update v1.01 [VT 2.0] Stranger of Sword City [JPN] [VT 2.0] Sumioni - Demon Arts [USA] [VT 2.0] Xeodrifter [USA] [VT 2.0] FIXED VARIOUS LINKS (Most dead links are now online!) Please let me know of any bad links and help me to add region if you tested games. Please try all the possible things before saying that a game doesn't work. I'm working on updating the list with Vitamin 2.0 games. Remember PS Vita has no region lock, play whatever you want. BELOW THERE IS A LIST OF 744 GAMES. YOU HAVE TO REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF YOU WANT TO SEE THAT. THANK YOU EVERYONE. GAMES [Hidden Content] HOMEBREW GAMES [Hidden Content] MODDING OF ISAAC (Vita Edition) Inject the files into your game's resources folder and overwrite your old files. [Hidden Content]