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Found 2 results

  1. vJoySetup.exe and joycon-driver.exe needed for this controllers mappings(mainly the joy-cons combined as one controller)to Xbox 360 layout mapper for use in Padstarr on PC for PC Games and even Retroarch, Citra, and even Dolphin emulator for GC games or also WII games or any other emulator or PC game that supports xinput controller driver. I am going to provide the configurations for Dolphin, Retroarch-Windows and Padstarr and some Padstarr Game Configurations. Note 1: Add your Joy-Cons(first the L... then the R through sync button, for Windows 10: Add Bluetooth device option), then on your PC first then install vjoy, and configure the combination of L and R joycons as one and enable vjoy... later open joycon-driver.exe and then push start with the option "combine joycons" as default and let the program sync completely the Switch Joycons to PC... later you can access Padstarr and import the controller mappings to Xbox 360 layout mapper as also the Padstarr Game configs, for dolphin the controller .ini profiles in controller config menu import and in Retroarch also import the cfg. configs to your setup. Note 2: for citra you configure manually in the emulator the mappings. Note 3: When the Joy-Cons from the switch are paired already to Windows Bluetooth first connect the Joy-Con R then later the L to sync first the L and R for vjoy and then open joycon driver and connect completely the Joy-Cons. Note 4: you must first sync the Joy-Cons first on Windows Bluetooth, the later on vjoy and finally to joycon driver and dont close the windows of joycon driver if you want the function to be applied to whatever use on windows. For a wired Switch Pro controller, it is detected inmediately as xinput, for a wireless Switch Pro Controller use bluetooth options on Windows to detect as the joycons are detected too!(The same method, just let install the needed driver and detect) and with this one I recommend BetterJoyForCemu, also reccomend the joycons better for BetterJoyForCemu. And for Cemu Emulator import the controller mapping configs trough controller configuration menu. Padstarr Wired Switch Pro Controller and Joycons (L and R) mappings: [hide][Hidden Content]] Dolphin Wired Switch Pro Controller and Joycons (L and R) mappings: [hide][Hidden Content]] Cemu Wired Switch Pro Controller and Joycons (L and R) mappings: [hide][Hidden Content]] RetroArch Wired Switch Pro Controller and Joycons (L and R) mappings: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Larsenv

    [DD] USendMii

    USendMii This tool was made by Crayon.. NOTE: This tool is only for Windows and Mac.. Videos: Screenshots: Instructions: Execute the installer. Before launching UsendMii Configure the vJoy Device: UsendMii will pick the first device that is available. Only buttons and axes (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry and Rz) are supported. Launch UsendMii and Calibrate the vJoy Device in the Game Controllers (joy.cpl) Properties. Configure your games to use the proper vJoy Device. Videos: Screenshots: PC Inputs: How It Works: Game Description: Credits: Changelogs: 0.2.0: 0.1.0: 0.0.7: 0.0.6: 0.0.5: 0.0.4: 0.0.3: 0.0.2: 0.0.1: Download Here: Windows x64 Bit: [hide][Hidden Content]] Windows x32 Bit: [hide][Hidden Content]] OS X Mac x32 Bit: [hide][Hidden Content]]