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Found 19 results

  1. The14th0ne

    Wii screen going black and white

    Can someone please help? On Wiiflow, when starting certain games the screen goes black and white and zooms in. It's frustrating because I can't seem to find a specific pattern to it.
  2. Here is my custom Nintendo Wii intro video.
  3. We Do Not Condone Online Cheating and You will Not be given any help with such. DU Ocarina Guide Hopefully the DU staff will agree to provide support for Ocarina codes in a limited way. These can be very useful when teaching your 3 year old how to play super mario bros, infinite lives can help to quell frustrations. Online cheats should never be used. This affects the game play for other users, and will not be condoned or supported here. Side Effects It is important to note that the use of cheats can sometimes cause unintended side effects, which may affect the game's playability or function. Before reporting any issue with loading games/functionality, please turn off all cheats and verify that the behavior is the same without this enabled. Essentially what is happening here is someone has reverse-engineered the code for the game and effectively "short-circuited" it in some way to accomplish specific behaviors. This can be a dicey proposition, and is not guaranteed to work for everyone. How this works

    Wad not working

    I tried loading a few different wads that are virtual console games that i got from this site into my Wii (not wii u, original wii) but it didnt load right. The top half of the screen is shrunk to fit the whole game screen while the bottom half of the screen is flashy green lights. It did this to all 3 games ive tried and all three are from different users' uploads. I have used Wads many times before without this problem, so does anyone know of the cause of how i am getting this problem now?
  5. LP76

    How to open arc.LH files?

    Hello, and I was wondering if there was any program at all, besides ZementBlock's program which seems to have completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. If so, can you link it, or possibly get a backup of ZementBlock's program? If you can, it would be much appreciated!
  6. English: Hi guys, I would like to be given themes for the Wii 4.2U, since I was like crazy searching the Internet and nothing. So if you have time in this wii console modding, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with some themes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Español: Hola Chicos, desde hace mucho busco archivos .csm o .mym del Wii 4.2U y le agradeceria si me pudieran facilitar alguno Gracias! ^^
  7. eatyerface

    [Wii] Standby Fan Hardmod

    Occasionally I had problems with my Wii overheating while in standby with wiiconnect24 turned on. I found this information while browsing the internet and wanted to share it with you guys. If you use riiconnect24 then this mod is for you. Otherwise just don't do this because it's not needed, just turn wiiconnect24 off in the settings. WARNING : I am not responsible if you attempt this and screw up. This will require some fairly simple soldering. If you are unsure if you can do it, have someone else do it for you. You can optionally connect the two contact points with a switch if you want to be able to cut the fan on or off instead of having it permanently on. How to keep your Wii from overheating Are you worried about your CPU or GPU overheating while your Wii is in standby? This can be caused by WiiConnect24 being turned on, causing the Wii to continue operating while it is turned off. Here is a simple solution to cool down your Wii in standby. This mod will keep the fan on at all times, when the Wii is on or off, provided WiiConnect24 is enabled. If WiiConnect24 is disabled, then the fan will stay off when in standby, because it is not needed. To turn your fan on in standby, simply solder a wire from TP49 to 5V. Both of these points are located on the bottom side of the motherboard. It is recommended to not use too thin of wire (26awg would be good). This mod is perfectly safe to do and because the fan is so silent, you will not even notice it.
  8. Install Homebrew Channel on Wii List of all install methods Wii Windows PC Tools Wii Apps Setup list of wii homebrew apps Patch Wii System Menu With StartPatch Start Patch 4.3U Start Patch 4.3E Start Patch 4.2 Mod All System Menus StartPatch Info StartPatch 4.2 Mod Info Wii Links
  9. Hello, i have a Wii with 4.3E. I successfully run all the steps from the guide here How to Easily Jailbreak Your Old Nintendo Wii. Now i have Priiloader installed and i have make region free. So far so good. Now what should i do in order to download and try some games ? Do i have to search and download any game in a external hdd ? And how do i load it from there ? Any kind of information and help will be appreciated. Thank you
  10. I softmodded my wii years ago I think it may have been in 2012 and seriously everything has been working great. I recently added some games I found in a box when I moved and they won't play. I know that my usb loader gx and everything for that matter is way out of date and I can't figure out how to update anything or even if I can. I tried hooking turning on the wifi and it says no updates available because it is so old. I am in need of some help, guidance or at least to be pointed in the right direction.
  11. Today I wanted to get the rest of the Beatles Rock Band DLC as the shop for it has closed and then I saw that there was a way through homebrewing and getting the correct wad. I did everything got a wad manager and put the DLC wad onto my sd card and found it on my wii went to install it and got the correct error code. However, when I went to start up the Beatles Rock Band there were no new songs is there something I'm missing this was my first time trying to install something like this so any help is greatly appreciated. I hope enough people still use this site to help me. I really want the Beatles Rock Band DLC so if there is another way as well I'm open to any options.
  12. ¿Your wii will not turn on? I have a solutions for the error. First I have a solution, disconnect all cables from the wii. Then reconect to. Ready, your wii probably will work. If that does not work, you must open the wii, using a screwdriver. Returns to put the circuits of the Bluetooth, or those who are loose. 3. Did it not work? You must hire a technician and tell him to fix it, can be one major mistake, if it does not work you must buy another wii. Dont understand me? watch a video on youtube, on this moment I watched one and is on Spanish. Please help me with a like or a reply! Help me for reputation! Posted by hyperchuu320, the pokemon gym.
  13. Came across this video, turns out just to be a great Wiiflow setup with a ton of injected wads, and categorized nicely! I'm after these HD covers though! EDIT: Amazing what a month and a half can do! I think I like mine better
  14. mastershoes

    Dark Umbra Skinned Wii

    Dark Umbra Skinned Wii So, I figure if you got a DU themed Wii, you might as well have a DU themed Wii!! (I gotta get some better pics up, but these get the point across) Please Hit the "Like" Button if you appreciate this!
  15. As we all know, previous editions of SVR games on the Wii have been subject to "watering down" as they were exact clones of the PS2 editions. Word is that this year w/ WWE '12, that is not the case as the Wii version will be at par with the X360 and PS3 versions with the exception of Fan Axxess (Nintendo is against DLC you have to pay for, apparently). I for one hope this is true, but what do you guys expect from a game that has already blown our minds days before its release?
  16. Siliconera has found out that Nintendo has patented an accessory that you slide onto a standard Wii remote which turns it into a touchpad. Source - MyNintendoNews
  17. lostbhoy

    New Wii/3DS Trailers

    Some new trailers for upcoming releases for the 3DS and Wii. What catches your eye? source:mynintendonews Sonic Generations - 3DS Sega have released some footage of Sonic Generations on the Nintendo 3DS ahead of this weeks Tokyo Game Show. Sega has also confirmed that Shadow who was first introduced in Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast will be one of Sonic’s main rivals. The game is scheduled for a December 8th release in Japan. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Wii Nintendo has just released a brand new The Legend of Zelda: Skyard Sword trailer which shows the game’s new upgrade system. The trailer shows how you can use items received by the game’s many different enemies to upgrade your weapons and items. The game is due to be released in Europe on 18th November and November 20th in North America. [Hidden Content] Paper Mario - 3DS Nintendo showed off a host of fantastic looking Nintendo 3DS games at its press conference including Paper Mario. Unfortunately the game still doesn’t have a firm release date but it will be coming to the console sometime in 2012. I’d say it’s looking rather good! Mario Kart 7 - 3DS Nintendo America and Nintendo Europe have both announced a release date for the forthcoming Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be released in Europe on December 2nd and December 4th in North America. Time to put down those pre-orders! Kirby Returns To Dreamland - Wii Nintendo has released a new trailer for the immensely fun Kirby Returns To Dreamland for the Wii. The other good news is the game is still on schedule to launch in the United States on October 24th and in Europe sometime during December. Enjoy! Luigi's Mansion 2 & Kid Icarus: Uprising - 3DS There’s been so many great trailer's that showcase exactly what the Nintendo 3DS is capable of and here’s two more. First up is a trailer for the stunning Luigi's Mansion which is scheduled to be released sometime next year, and secondly here’s a trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising which has sadly been delayed until 2012.
  18. Telltale have signed a publishing licensor agreement with Nintendo and will publish Back to the future on Wii in October. "Securing a publishing agreement with Nintendo of America ensures that we can make our popular content available on every major console platform. This signing is a significant milestone in our long-term growth strategy." said Dan Connors, Telltale CEO. Glad to hear BTTF coming to Wii at last and hopefully this will continue onto the WiiU?
  19. source: hackmii.com